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Parents' Day Bundle - Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest

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Your parents have been there for you throughout the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's time to pay them back for all that they've done with Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest this Parents' Day.


  • Product Type: Ready to Consume
  • Flavour: Sugar / Sugar-free
  • Place of Origin: Malaysia
  • Certifications: HACCP, ISO22000, Halal
  • Ingredients: 100% pure bird's nest, rock sugar, purified water
  • Content: 12 gram pure and genuine bird's nest
  • Specification: 150ml per bottle
  • Shelf Life: 24-36 months (unopened)

How to Consume

  • Enjoy your daily supplement by taking 1-2 teaspoons. It can be enjoyed chilled or warm and can be added to your favourite food or beverages.
  • This is a 100% natural product. No preservative, artificial colouring nor food stabilizer is added. Hence, the appearance might change over time and yet safe for consumption.
  • Individual allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g.milk and egg, should avoid this product.
  • Use a clean and dry teaspoon to scoop the desired amount of consumption.
  • Consuming it habitually has been shown to support general body functions.
  • To retain the rich aroma and taste of the bird’s nest; finish it as soon as possible once it is opened.
  • Once the bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume it within 2 weeks.